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Sailing Vest Harness

Proudly Handmade in Bali with real cotton.

Tailor cut dog harness, sized & ready to sport.

Little boats sailing on vibrant azure blue cotton. Lightweight and perfect for hot summer months.

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Children's Book

When you love a dog, there is always someone waiting to greet you with wide eyes and an open heart. Celebrate the belly rubs, quiet walks, and shared moments that remind you how good it feels to be loved.

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Calming Bites

Our Calming Bites deliver a triple dose of goodness. L-Theanine (Suntheanine) and valerian root help anxious and high-energy pups relax, without causing drowsiness.

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Mystery Pack (3) Bandanas

Tell us your dog's gender and size, and we'll send you a mystery pack of 3 bandanas!

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