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About Us!

Huck and Harlowe is a luxury dog outfitter store located in the heart of Rosemary Beach, Florida. While abroad in London, England two years ago, founders Cammie and Taylor Blackwell visited several dog outfitter stores giving them a dream to create one in the States one day. After several months of brainstorming and planning, the Huck and Harlowe brand was built from the ground up in not only a place where people love to shop, but shop while walking their dogs -- 30A! What once used to be a vacation spot for their family is now a permanent residence for Cammie and Taylor as they now like to call themselves locals! 

Where did the names Huck and Harlowe come from?

The names Huck and Harlowe originated from a list of brainstorming names with their four kids. Huck and Harlowe had a nice ring to it! 

You can find their golden doodle, Humphrey, (or basically their fifth child) lounging in the sun, playing with the other pups that frequent the store, or visiting the other store owners in the Rosemary Merchant community!