Est. 2020

Huck and Harlowe is a family run business with a passion to improve the lives of dogs and their owners through high quality and unique products.
A Little Bit About Us

Hi!! We are Mason and Katie, we are so glad you're here.

Mason and I both went to school at opposite ends of the country and we met while vacationing next door to each other in Inlet Beach, FL. Fast-forward 2-years and we both moved to Florida, got married, opened Huck and Harlowe and decided to call this beautiful place our home. Mason enjoys tennis, fly fishing, and being outdoors. I have always loved the beach and anything in the sun. We are so blessed to call this place our home. We love the community and customers that we get to interact with on a day-to-day basis.

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Why Support Small Businesses?

Being a small business, we're deliberate in our choices of suppliers and product sources. We align ourselves with companies that share our values — those who prioritize product quality, environmental consciousness, and the well-being of both you and your pup.

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Meet Huck.

Huck is a size medium chocolate phantom Teddybear Twoodle

So what is a Twoodle?

A Teddy Bear Twoodle is an intentional hybrid pairing of a Smeraglia English Goldendoodle with a Smeraglia Schnoodle.

The Twoodle has a unique percentage formula designed by Smeraglia Enterprises…

62.5% Poodle / 25.0% English Golden Retriever / 12.5% Schnauzer = 100% Teddy Bear Twoodle