Frequently Asked Questions: Java Log Coffee Sticks

Unique Features of Our Java Log Chews:

- Crafted from 100% pure and natural materials, without the use of any animal products, artificial substances, or additives.
- Ideal for dogs prone to allergies, offering a safe chewing option.
- Completely devoid of calories, promoting a healthy lifestyle for your pet.
- Each chew is handmade, adhering to ethical and sustainable practices.
- Designed to be exceptionally durable and long-lasting, providing your dog with long lasting chewing enjoyment.
- Encourages solo engagement, keeping your dog occupied for extended periods.


Understanding Coffee Tree Wood:

Coffee tree wood is a sustainable byproduct derived from coffee cultivation. Its sale provides coffee growers in Vietnam with a valuable source of supplemental income.


Safety and Durability:

The unique composition of coffee tree wood, with its densely packed fibers, ensures that it is much less likely to splinter compared to other types of wood. When chewed, only small, digestible wood fibers are released, posing no harm if ingested. The key here is selecting the right size stick for your dog.


Lifespan of a Chew Stick:

Though not indestructible, our chew sticks are designed for longevity, capable of withstanding numerous vigorous chewing sessions. The duration a chew stick lasts can vary, depending on the dog's chewing intensity and the stick's size, tailored to the dog's weight and bite strength. The right selection ensures prolonged enjoyment and a satisfying chewing experience for up to several weeks.


Characteristics of Coffee Wood:

Distinguished by its dense and fine texture, coffee wood surpasses conventional forest wood in weight and durability. The act of chewing gradually releases small, digestible fibers, facilitated by the dog's saliva. This not only ensures safety during consumption but also instills a rewarding sense of accomplishment in your pet.