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Calming Bites Jar


Hickory Bacon Calming Bites. 60 Bites.

Our Calming Bites deliver a triple dose of goodness. L-Theanine (Suntheanine) and valerian root help anxious and high-energy pups relax, without causing drowsiness. Ginger and chamomile soothe the nausea, and chicory promotes overall gut health.

Our proprietary formula contains no corn, gluten, grain, wheat, soy, dairy, or BSE/TSE. 


Cognitive calming effects start around 25 minutes and continue for about 2 hours. The GI calming effects also start within an hour, peak around 1 hour, and continue above therapeutic threshold (MEC) beyond 3 hours. We recommend max 3 doses per day, and give double doses for triggering events like fireworks, vet appointments, and thunderstorms.