Calming Bites

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 Introducing our Hickory Bacon Calming Bites

60 delicious bites designed to bring a triple dose of relaxation to anxious pups. With the power of L-Theanine, valerian root, ginger, chamomile, and chicory, our formula promotes both calmness and gut health. Free from common allergens and irritants, these bites are a gentle and hypoallergenic solution.

Experience fast-acting cognitive and GI calming effects, starting within 25 minutes and lasting for hours. Administer up to 3 doses per day, or double the dose during triggering events like fireworks or vet appointments. 

Your pup will thank you, and you'll witness the transformative power of a calm and contented dog in your household.

Dosage Guide

- Up to 25 lbs: 1 Bite

- 26-50 lbs: 2 Bites

- 51-75 lbs: 3-4 Bites

- 76-100 lbs: 4 Bites

Puppy & Senior Friendly

- Suitable for all ages

- Adjust dose for puppies under 25 lbs

Daily Use

- Safe for daily use- Just like a daily vitamin!

- Promotes calmness & gut health

Onset Time

- Varies by dog

- Generally within 30min-1hour

Custom Dosage

- Adjust as needed

- Increase by 1/2 increments until desired effect is reached

Maximum Frequency

- Every 4 hours, max 4 times/day


- Promotes relaxation


- CBD-free formula

- Natural calming botanicals